Receive The Blessing CD

"Receive The Blessing"


We are very please to offer this powerful CD to you - The testimonies are coming in!

You may obtain your copy for a donation of any amount!  Yes, any amount!  The Holy Spirit will speak to you concerning what to give, I just want to make sure everyone gets a copy and Receive The Blessing!  

Mail your orders to:

7600 S. University, Ste 6
Little Rock, AR  72209
Please add an additional 2 dollars to assist with shipping.  Thanks.

You may also go to the Online Giving button on this site and donate.  Send us an email afterwards to let us know how many CDs you would like and your mailing address or simply email or call - or 501-773-1400.


My husband and I play the cd day and night during our pray time because it is in-line with what we were already praying.  It has increased our time in prayer both me and my husband.  We are receiving the blessings.

Pastor Regina, I was just listening to your receive the blessing CD!  It is awesome. I just leave it in my CD player in my car and turn it on...helps my mind and spirit to rest...thanks!

It's powerfully anointed to change the atmosphere.  There's an anointing for healing in the words.  Sometimes God will use simple things to manifest the supernatural!

The release of God's Anointing is upon this cd.  The Presence of God caused me to bow and worship in His presence.  I immediately felt the Peace of God and divine enablement.

Our friend in California says that the cd was truly a blessing to her.  She passed it along to someone else who called her and told her to "tell that lady that the cd blessed me and I pray right along with her".  To God be the GLORY!