Soul Gathering Ministries has been an integral part of my 'soul'.  What is soul?  Defined by dictionary.com, soul is the spiritual part of human beings.  This definition defines the heart of Soul Gathering Ministry.  Resurrecting the soul through the Word of Jesus Christ.  When I came to one of the first Gatherings, over 5 years ago, I experienced a life changing, soul erupting and anointing time.  At this time in my life, I was at a crossroad.  After experiencing this one day, my soul opened up to the Lord and my will submitted to His will.  This was the beginning of a divine connection that God continues to be in the midst of.  Not only did my soul become rejuvenated, but my daughter's too.  My daughter, Nia, began to be a part of the ministry as well.  The prayers, time spent and the encouraging words that Minister Regina and my dear sister-friend Amy has imparted into her life is displayed in the fruit that Nia displays daily in her walk with Christ.  Year after year, I continue to be revived through the Gatherings.  My prayer is for this ministry to continue to prosper in the work of the Lord.  Your ministry has done what God placed on your hearts for it.....Reviving, Rejuvenating and even Recognizing that the human being has a SOUL! May God Bless You Abundantly, Openly and Overflowingly! 
Nita Gray-


GOD is good all the time!  I would like to comment on how inspirational Ms. Regina Moore and fellow workers of Soul Gathering Ministries, have been to my life.   Ms. Moore took wing of my daughter Jamille Whale and I can see a BIG difference in her attitude.  I am a single mother and I wasn't doing bad raising her alone but it takes a village to raise kids this day and time.  Ms. Moore has allowed my daughter to come into her life and truly help me in her up bringing.  Jamille is now a member of Full Counsel Ministries with the help of Ms. Moore and her lovely daughters picking her up for Sunday services and bible studies.  Jamille tries to be very active in the church and she often pushes me to do better.  I have had sessions with Ms. Moore with my daughter and with her experience, she has allowed me to become more aware of what and how I address my daughter.  Sometimes we don't realize how we offend our children until it is brought to our attention.  I will continue to seek the guidance of Soul Gathering Ministries as they have become an important part of my family.
Carla Brown-
Let me personally thank you for being obedient to God and having that
revival.I was sooo blessed the atmosphere was so charged you could
reach up and get what you needed from God. You probably have already heard
that it was  on time and it was. People got set free and delivered
and i was one of them.I was so excited about coming the devil tried to
distract me but i pressed through and i'm glad i did.  Just wanted to
encourage you,Keep up the good work!!! love you much and i love my gift i
needed a new one.(God knows) lol!!

Best regards,
Vonda Marshall
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