Calendar of Events

Sunday Morning Worship
        10 a.m.
Tuesday Evenings - 5:30 p.m
Celebrating 5 Glorious Years In Ministry
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Soul Gathering Ministries
7600 S. University - Ste. 6
Little Rock, AR  72209
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Directions to church:
University to Forbing Rd. - turn right at the light -
then an immediate left onto the access rd. - pass
Heritage House Inn and take the next right.  SGM
is on your left.
Weekly Inspirations

 The most important voice you need to hear is the voice of God!  Learn His voice by spending time in His presence then become sensitive to His leading.  When the Holy Spirit speaks then obey!

Father God, help us to know You more.  Help us to become sensitive to your Jesus' name we pray.


                                                      - Submitted by Pastor Regina C. Moore




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